Windows Vista Startup Music Designed on Macs

Seattle, February 27, 2007 -- Microsoft Corporation refused to comment today on the embarrassing revelation that the new Windows Vista "startup music", the musical vignette that is played to calm and distract users while waiting for the operating system to boot up, was created exclusively on Apple computer systems.

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The inflammatory tidbit was reportedly let slip during an off-the-record interview of a composer on the 20-member team that worked for 18 months to create the harmonic snippet.

In response to a question on musical software posed during ClefWeek 2007, an annual trade show and conference for professional composers, Jacob Nutley, who assisted during the Windows Vista music production, said, "I'm generally most comfortable working with a Mac Pro, usually on Encore or Sibelius. They're available for PC, but I need a stable operating environment to avoid distraction, particularly when working on long-term projects like the Windows Vista music."

When pressed, Mr. Nutley admitted that the entire Windows Vista composition team used exclusively Apple iMacs and Mac Pros for the project.

"While Windows has certainly come a long way, Apple computers are simply more conducive to fostering and supporting a creative dynamic," Mr. Nutley said. "That's the way its been for decades. People use PCs for adding and subtracting, Macs for creative projects."

"It's not like I have an ideological position on the issue," Mr. Nutley said. "It's simply habit, practicality and personal preference."

Several other members of the composition team confirmed Mr. Nutley's assertions on condition that they remain anonymous, fearing possible financial or other repercussions from Microsoft.

"Yes, we used Macs – iMac, Mac Pro, MacBooks, Mac-based software – for every stage of the Vista music project," one composer said. "The first time a PC ever got close to the Windows Vista ditty was when the first prototype was booted up, and even then it crashed before we could hear the final chime."

While Microsoft has hitherto refused to comment on the allegations, a blanket denial is expected to be issued shortly by the Microsoft press office.

"I don't really see what the fuss is all about," a technical advisor on the composition team, who also requested anonymity, said. "I mean, they're both good systems. I personally wouldn't let a Vista computer into my house, but that's just me. I'm sure PCs have their uses, just as Macs have their uses. Can't we all just get along?"

By Ion Zwitter, Avant News Editor

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