Bush Accuses Democrats of Also Lacking Plan for Iraq

Buttemonch, Oklahoma, October 9, 2008 -- Outgoing President George W. Bush yesterday repeatedly accused Democratic candidates of also having no plan for how to get out of Iraq.

President Bush touts his No Plan Plan in support of 2008 GOP candidatesPresident Bush touts his No Plan Plan in support of 2008 GOP candidates

The heated assertions came during campaign appearances by President Bush in support of presidential, congressional and senatorial candidates for the upcoming 2008 elections.

"People say I went into Iraq with no what they call an exit strategy, no plan for how to get us back out of there. Like my dad, some other people," President Bush said during a stop in the Republican stronghold of Buttemonch, Oklahoma. "And they were wrong. I went into Iraq with the resolve to know that I didn't want to have a plan, and that's a different thing. It's what I call my No Plan Plan. What makes me different from the Democrats is that they don't have a plan either, but they don't have the resolve to know that they don't want to have a plan. That's why a vote for the Democrats would weaken America."

President Bush, who has repeatedly come under fire during the six years of the Iraq war for having entered the conflict with no clear, or even murky, plan for ending it, held no fire in his frontal assault on Democratic candidates he characterized as "even more clueless than me."

President Bush's No Plan Plan campaign message is expected to resonate with voters who, while disappointed with the escalating violence in Iraq, the absence of weapons of mass destruction that were the purported reason for invading, the growing instability and volatility of the region, the dangerous alignment of Iranian extremists with hard-line Iraqi Shiites, the vast increase in worldwide terrorist activity catalyzed by the US presence in Iraq, the near-total resurgence of the Taliban hastened by the premature withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in order to prepare for the Iraq invasion, and the growing number of troop fatalities in Iraq, which now exceed 6,400, still plan to vote Republican because "that's what the voting machine is probably going to do anyway", as well as with his wife, First Lady Laura Bush.

"Look at Laura," Bush said. "She knows me better deep down inside than just about anyone except some of my old pals at the Skull & Bones and a few bartenders I could mention if I could remember their names. She knows that I know that I had the resolve not to have a plan, and that's a recipe for a stronger America."

"My plan for winning Iraq, and it’s the same plan these Republican candidates here have, is that we stay there until the Iraq war is over, and that's when we know we won and we go home," President Bush said. "When it's over. You don't need a plan for that. And we'll know it's over because that's when we go home. It's simple. And that's a plan for victory. My plan, and these candidates' plan, is to stay the course on not having a plan. You look at the Democrats, they don't have that plan. They want to go home before the war is over, and that's a plan for defeat."

President Bush, whose approval ratings have hovered in the single digits for most of this year, plans to carry his powerful message to an additional 25-30 whirlwind taxpayer-funded campaign appearances before the elections next month, despite the urging of many Republican candidates that he "please just stay away from my podium".

By Ion Zwitter, Avant News Editor

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