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Pleasant Hills, CA June 23, 2008 -- Bob Logger is a blogger, but not your typical blogger. Bob blogs on his blog about blogs and better blogging. Whilst many bloggers blog about blogs, Bob Logger's blog, The Bob Logger Blog is a blog that blogs other blogs that blog blogs as well as blogs examples of better blogging techniques - a sort of pedagogue blog.

Bob Logger has been blogging since before Google bought back in 2002. His mission has changed immensely since his first blog, Bob Logger's Frogger Blog, which was dedicated toward his one true passion second to blogging, the 1980's hit video arcade game Frogger. Bob Logger reminisced, "Back then things were so simple. The Frogger Blog was a blast and I just blogged about Frogger. Things have changed so much now with bloggers blogging blogs just for the sake of blogging."

This blog logjam is what gave Bob Logger the idea of becoming a blog pedagogue. The Bob Logger Blog was born in order to get bloggers to blog better and to flog bogus blogs.

Bob Logger blogs this blogging advice in the FAQ section of his blog, "Blogs that merely blog blogs clog search engines. Bloggers can be successful if they do one of two things. One option is for a blogger's blog to be very narrowly focused on one subject, like a blog on logs. This log blog would share information only about various types of logs on the blog and not on the logging industry as a whole, since blogging logging would detract from the focus of the log blog itself." Bob Logger continues, "The second blogging option is for a blogger to blog big. Big Blogging is when a blogger blogs blogs that are already blogging other blogs thereby bypassing the bogus blogs that merely blog one level of blogs."

While Bob Logger has blogged his way toward being one of blogging's top bloggers, not all bloggers agree Bob Logger is a top blogger. One criticism comes from the Bo Blogger Blog. The Bo Blogger Blog blogs, "Bob Logger is a blogging dinosaur whose blog should be bombed into the blogosphere."

Blogger Barb Logan from the Barb Logan Blog disagrees with the Bo Blogger Blog about Bob Logger and The Bob Logger Blog. "Bo Blogger is just upset because Bob Logger blogs his big blog better than Bo blogs his," said an iritated Barb Logan on her blog.

Bob Logger takes the Bo Blogger Blog's blogosphere bombing in stride as he relates, "Bloggers banter and bicker, besides I still consider myself a blogger's blogger blogging blogs that better the blogging community as a whole."

By Raoul Thibodeaux, Avant News Staff Writer

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